Essex - Urban Center

Catering Menu



Perfect for your meeting or celebration.  Our Small platters serve from 4-6 people, Medium platters serve from 6-10 people, and Large platters serve from 10-12 people.

COMBINATION FINGER SANDWICH PLATTER: This platter has a taste of deli meats and fresh made salads.  Roast beef, turkey breast, ham, tuna, and chicken and egg salad.

SMALL  $27.00                     MEDIUM  $40.50                      LARGE  $54.00


ALL MEAT FINGER SANDWICH PLATTER: Select deli meats, ham, roast beef, turkey.  Served on fresh rye, whole wheat and pumpernickel breads.

SMALL  $28.50                     MEDIUM  $42.75                      LARGE  $57.00


ALL MEAT CROISSANT PLATTER: Select deli meats served on fresh baked croissants with fresh lettuce and tomatoes dressed with mayonnaise.

SMALL  $30.00                    MEDIUM  $45.00                       LARGE  $60.00


CUBAN SANDWICH PLATTE: Tender turkey breast. Select ham, salami, Swiss & American cheese piled high and topped with crisp lettuce and fresh garden tomatoes.  Dressed with mayonnaise and mustard on freshly baked Cuban bread.

SMALL  $34.50                     MEDIUM  $51.75                      LARGE  $69.00


DELI DELIGHTS: Ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken, egg & tuna salads on a Kaiser roll topped with lettuce and tomatoes, dressed with mayonnaise.

SMALL  $28.50                    MEDIUM  $42.75                     LARGE  $57.00

SALAD SAMPLER PLATTER: A platter of all our own scrumptious homemade salads.  This hearty platter consists of garden pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, and our special macaroni salad.

SMALL  $24.00                    MEDIUM  $30.00                      LARGE  $37.00


GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLE PLATTER: Seasonal vegetables such as a bountiful harvest of cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery and zucchini served with a homemade dip.

                                                      MEDIUM  $28.00                      LARGE  $38.00


FRUIT PLATTER: A sweet selection of seasonal fruits ripe, succulent and beautifully garnished.

SMALL  $27.50                    MEDIUM  $46.00                       LARGE  $60.00


CHEESE ASSORTMENT PLATTER: A tempting assortment of imported and domestic cheeses.  Including Swiss, a mild Cheddar, Monterey Jack and other tasty cheeses.  Crackers upon request.

SMALL  $27.00                    MEDIUM  $46.00                      LARGE  $60.00


CHICKEN TENDER PLATTER: A heaping platter of chicken tenders served with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks.

SMALL  $30.00                     MEDIUM  $45.00                      LARGE  $53.00


ESSEX SPECIALTY WRAPS:  Choice of ham, turkey, roast beef, tuna salad, Chicken salad or egg salad, choice of American, Swiss or provolone cheese topped with Lettuce and Tomatoes and dressed with mayonnaise.  $5.95 per person.


Grilled chicken Caesar Wrap with parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing.  $5.95 per person.



Chicken tenders or Buffalo chicken on a large tossed salad topped with cheddar cheese and bacon with choice of dressing.  $6.00 per person.


Spinach Salad: Baby spinach topped with mozzarella or feta cheese, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes and sliced eggs.  $5.50 per person.   With grilled chicken.  $7.50 per person




BAKED ZITI: With your choice of meat sauce or three cheese sauce.  Served with salad and garlic bread. $7.50 per person


GRILLED CHICKEN PARMESAN: Served with Spaghetti or rigatoni noodles, salad and garlic bread. $8.50 per person


LASAGNA: Thick and hand layered.  Served with salad and garlic bread.                                                    $7.50 per person



ROAST PORK: Marinated over night and roasted all day to perfect tenderness, accompanied by yellow rice, black beans, tossed salad and authentic Cuban bread.  $8.50 per person


GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST OVER YELLOW RICE: Seasoned with a special blend of spices.  Served with tossed salad, fresh rolls and butter$7.50 per person

Add black beans for $1.00 per person extra


BAKED CHICKEN:  Marinated and cooked to tenderness.  Served with yellow rice, salad and Cuban bread.  $7.75 per person

Add black beans for $1.00 per person


We will gladly put together any tray with your choice of meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, vegetables, pickles and desserts.

MINIMUM APPLIES to all hot and Italian entrees.